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H3C и Cisco: не видит по CDP

H3C S7506E с супервизорами LSQ1SRP12GB и Comware 5.20 Release 6605P03 и Cisco WS-C3560G-24TS 12.2(35)SE5 ipbase.

На H3C настроил поддержку CDP согласно гайду. H3C видит Cisco, а Cisco не видит H3C. Пишет ошибку:

CDP-EV: Device ID information is missing in packet

sw001#sh cdp tr
CDP counters :
        Total packets output: 149, Input: 0
        Hdr syntax: 0, Chksum error: 0, Encaps failed: 0
        No memory: 0, Invalid packet: 101, Fragmented: 0
        CDP version 1 advertisements output: 0, Input: 0
        CDP version 2 advertisements output: 149, Input: 0

Инфа, отдаваемая H3C (с другого порта):


LLDP neighbor-information of port 385[GigabitEthernet8/0/1]:
  Neighbor index   : 1
  Update time      : 0 days,0 hours,2 minutes,39 seconds
  Chassis type     : MAC address
  Chassis ID       : 3ce5-a6cc-acfd
  Port ID type     : Interface name
  Port ID          : GigabitEthernet1/0/0/8
  Port description : GigabitEthernet1/0/0/8 Interface
  System name        : sw002
  System description : H3C Comware Platform Software, Software Version 5.20, Release 6605P03
H3C S7510E
Copyright (c) 2004-2009 Hangzhou H3C Tech. Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.
  System capabilities supported : Bridge,Router
  System capabilities enabled   : Bridge,Router

  Management address type           : ipv4
  Management address                :
  Management address interface type : IfIndex
  Management address interface ID   : 219
  Management address OID            : 0

  Port VLAN ID(PVID): 1

  Port and protocol VLAN ID(PPVID) : 0
  Port and protocol VLAN supported : Yes
  Port and protocol VLAN enabled   : No

  VLAN name of VLAN 1: VLAN 0001

  Auto-negotiation supported : Yes
  Auto-negotiation enabled   : Yes
  OperMau                    : speed(1000)/duplex(Full)

  Power port class          : PD
  PSE power supported       : No
  PSE power enabled         : No
  PSE pairs control ability : No
  Power pairs               : Signal
  Port power classification : Class 0

  Link aggregation supported : Yes
  Link aggregation enabled   : Yes
  Aggregation port ID        : 154

  Maximum frame Size: 1536



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На h3c у вас lldp. Соответственно на циске тоже надо настраивать lldp, а не cdp.

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Как показал беглый гуглинг, по крайней мере некоторые из коммутаторов H3C умеют cdp или " CDP-compatible LLDP ".

Но его надо отдельно включать, примерно такими командами:

lldp enable
lldp compliance cdp
lldp compliance admin-status cdp txrx


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