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Juniper SRX

Коллеги помогите в моей паранойе



system {   host-name gw-sxr;   domain-name home.local;   domain-search home.local;   time-zone Europe/Kiev;   root-authentication {       encrypted-password "**********"; ## SECRET-DATA   }   name-server {;   }   services {       ssh;       telnet;       xnm-clear-text;       dns {           forwarders {     ;     ;           }           dns-proxy {               interface {                   vlan.0;               }               cache {                   gw-srx.home.local inet;               }           }       }       web-management {           http {               interface [ vlan.0 fe-0/0/0.0 ];           }           https {               system-generated-certificate;               interface [ vlan.0 fe-0/0/0.0 ];           }       }       dhcp {           router {     ;           }           pool {               address-range low high;           }           propagate-settings fe-0/0/0.0;       }   }   syslog {       archive size 100k files 3;       user * {           any emergency;       }       file messages {           any critical;           authorization info;       }       file interactive-commands {           interactive-commands error;       }   }   max-configurations-on-flash 5;   max-configuration-rollbacks 5;   license {       autoupdate {           url https://ae1.juniper.net/junos/key_retrieval;       }   }   ntp {       server;   }}interfaces {   fe-0/0/0 {       mac 20:89:84:98:bc:c4;       unit 0 {           family inet {               dhcp {                   client-identifier hexadecimal 20898498BCC4;                   vendor-id ether;               }           }       }   }   fe-0/0/1 {       unit 0 {           family ethernet-switching {               vlan {                   members vlan-trust;               }           }       }   }   fe-0/0/2 {       unit 0 {           family ethernet-switching {               vlan {                   members vlan-trust;               }           }       }   }   fe-0/0/3 {       unit 0 {           family ethernet-switching {               vlan {                   members vlan-trust;               }           }       }   }   fe-0/0/4 {       unit 0 {           family ethernet-switching {               vlan {                   members vlan-trust;               }           }       }   }   fe-0/0/5 {       unit 0 {           family ethernet-switching {               vlan {                   members vlan-trust;               }           }       }   }   fe-0/0/6 {       unit 0 {           family ethernet-switching {               vlan {                   members vlan-trust;               }           }       }   }   fe-0/0/7 {       unit 0 {           family ethernet-switching {               vlan {                   members vlan-trust;               }           }       }   }   vlan {       unit 0 {           family inet {               address;           }       }   }}protocols {   stp;}security {   address-book {       global {           address RDP_client;       }   }   screen {       ids-option untrust-screen {           icmp {               flood;               ping-death;           }           ip {               source-route-option;               block-frag;               tear-drop;           }           tcp {               syn-flood {                   alarm-threshold 1024;                   attack-threshold 200;                   source-threshold 1024;                   destination-threshold 2048;                   timeout 20;               }               land;           }           udp {               flood;           }       }   }   nat {       source {           rule-set trust-to-untrust {               from zone trust;               to zone untrust;               rule source-nat-rule {                   match {                       source-address;                   }                   then {                       source-nat {                           interface;                       }                   }               }           }       }       destination {           pool RDP_client {               address port 3389;           }           rule-set DNAT {               from zone untrust;               rule dnat_RDP {                   match {                       destination-address 37.57.***.***/32;                       destination-port 3389;                   }                   then {                       destination-nat pool RDP_client;                   }               }           }       }   }   policies {       from-zone trust to-zone untrust {           policy trust-to-untrust {               match {                   source-address any;                   destination-address any;                   application any;               }               then {                   permit;               }           }       }       from-zone untrust to-zone trust {           policy RDP_access {               match {                   source-address any;                   destination-address RDP_client;                   application any;               }               then {                   permit;               }           }       }   }   zones {       security-zone trust {           host-inbound-traffic {               system-services {                   all;               }               protocols {                   all;               }           }           interfaces {               vlan.0;           }       }       security-zone untrust {           screen untrust-screen;           interfaces {               fe-0/0/0.0 {                   host-inbound-traffic {                       system-services {                           dhcp;                           tftp;                           ping;                           lsping;                           ntp;                           dns;                       }                   }               }           }       }   }}vlans {   vlan-trust {       vlan-id 3;       l3-interface vlan.0;   }}



Стоит железка трудится, все классно, но тут черт дернул меня пощупать ее из вне через nmap



PORT      STATE  SERVICE1/tcp     open   tcpmux3/tcp     open   compressnet4/tcp     open   unknown6/tcp     open   unknown7/tcp     open   echo9/tcp     open   discard13/tcp    open   daytime17/tcp    open   qotd19/tcp    open   chargen20/tcp    open   ftp-data21/tcp    open   ftp22/tcp    open   ssh23/tcp    open   telnet24/tcp    open   priv-mail25/tcp    open   smtp26/tcp    open   rsftp30/tcp    open   unknown32/tcp    open   unknown33/tcp    open   dsp37/tcp    open   time42/tcp    open   nameserver43/tcp    open   whois49/tcp    open   tacacs53/tcp    closed domain70/tcp    open   gopher79/tcp    open   finger80/tcp    open   http81/tcp    open   hosts2-ns82/tcp    open   xfer83/tcp    open   mit-ml-dev84/tcp    open   ctf85/tcp    open   mit-ml-dev88/tcp    open   kerberos-sec89/tcp    open   su-mit-tg90/tcp    open   dnsix99/tcp    open   metagram100/tcp   open   newacct106/tcp   open   pop3pw109/tcp   open   pop2110/tcp   open   pop3111/tcp   open   rpcbind113/tcp   open   ident119/tcp   open   nntp125/tcp   open   locus-map135/tcp   open   msrpc139/tcp   open   netbios-ssn143/tcp   open   imap144/tcp   open   news146/tcp   open   iso-tp0161/tcp   open   snmp163/tcp   open   cmip-man179/tcp   open   bgp199/tcp   open   smux211/tcp   open   914c-g212/tcp   open   anet222/tcp   open   rsh-spx254/tcp   open   unknown255/tcp   open   unknown256/tcp   open   fw1-secureremote259/tcp   open   esro-gen264/tcp   open   bgmp280/tcp   open   http-mgmt301/tcp   open   unknown306/tcp   open   unknown311/tcp   open   asip-webadmin340/tcp   open   unknown366/tcp   open   odmr389/tcp   open   ldap406/tcp   open   imsp407/tcp   open   timbuktu416/tcp   open   silverplatter417/tcp   open   onmux425/tcp   open   icad-el427/tcp   open   svrloc443/tcp   open   https444/tcp   open   snpp445/tcp   open   microsoft-ds458/tcp   open   appleqtc464/tcp   open   kpasswd5465/tcp   open   smtps481/tcp   open   dvs497/tcp   open   retrospect500/tcp   open   isakmp512/tcp   open   exec513/tcp   open   login514/tcp   open   shell515/tcp   open   printer524/tcp   open   ncp541/tcp   open   uucp-rlogin543/tcp   open   klogin544/tcp   open   kshell545/tcp   open   ekshell548/tcp   open   afp554/tcp   open   rtsp555/tcp   open   dsf563/tcp   open   snews587/tcp   open   submission593/tcp   open   http-rpc-epmap616/tcp   open   sco-sysmgr617/tcp   open   sco-dtmgr625/tcp   open   apple-xsrvr-admin631/tcp   open   ipp636/tcp   open   ldapssl646/tcp   open   ldp648/tcp   open   rrp666/tcp   open   doom667/tcp   open   disclose668/tcp   open   mecomm683/tcp   open   corba-iiop687/tcp   open   asipregistry691/tcp   open   resvc700/tcp   open   epp705/tcp   open   agentx711/tcp   open   cisco-tdp714/tcp   open   iris-xpcs720/tcp   open   unknown722/tcp   open   unknown726/tcp   open   unknown749/tcp   open   kerberos-adm765/tcp   open   webster777/tcp   open   multiling-http783/tcp   open   spamassassin787/tcp   open   qsc800/tcp   open   mdbs_daemon801/tcp   open   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zincite-a1035/tcp  open   multidropper1036/tcp  open   nsstp1037/tcp  open   ams1038/tcp  open   mtqp1039/tcp  open   sbl1040/tcp  open   netsaint1041/tcp  open   danf-ak21042/tcp  open   afrog1043/tcp  open   boinc1044/tcp  open   dcutility1045/tcp  open   fpitp1046/tcp  open   wfremotertm1047/tcp  open   neod11048/tcp  open   neod21049/tcp  open   td-postman1050/tcp  open   java-or-OTGfileshare1051/tcp  open   optima-vnet1052/tcp  open   ddt1053/tcp  open   remote-as1054/tcp  open   brvread1055/tcp  open   ansyslmd1056/tcp  open   vfo1057/tcp  open   startron1058/tcp  open   nim1059/tcp  open   nimreg1060/tcp  open   polestar1061/tcp  open   kiosk1062/tcp  open   veracity1063/tcp  open   kyoceranetdev1064/tcp  open   jstel1065/tcp  open   syscomlan1066/tcp  open   fpo-fns1067/tcp  open   instl_boots1068/tcp  open   instl_bootc1069/tcp  open   cognex-insight1070/tcp  open   gmrupdateserv1071/tcp  open   bsquare-voip1072/tcp  open   cardax1073/tcp  open   bridgecontrol1074/tcp  open   warmspotMgmt1075/tcp  open   rdrmshc1076/tcp  open   sns_credit1077/tcp  open   imgames1078/tcp  open   avocent-proxy1079/tcp  open   asprovatalk1080/tcp  open   socks1081/tcp  open   pvuniwien1082/tcp  open   amt-esd-prot1083/tcp  open   ansoft-lm-11084/tcp  open   ansoft-lm-21085/tcp  open   webobjects1086/tcp  open   cplscrambler-lg1087/tcp  open   cplscrambler-in1088/tcp  open   cplscrambler-al1089/tcp  open   ff-annunc1090/tcp  open   ff-fms1091/tcp  open   ff-sm1092/tcp  open   obrpd1093/tcp  open   proofd1094/tcp  open   rootd1095/tcp  open   nicelink1096/tcp  open   cnrprotocol1097/tcp  open   sunclustermgr1098/tcp  open   rmiactivation1099/tcp  open   rmiregistry1100/tcp  open   mctp1102/tcp  open   adobeserver-11104/tcp  open   xrl1105/tcp  open   ftranhc1106/tcp  open   isoipsigport-11107/tcp  open   isoipsigport-21108/tcp  open   ratio-adp1110/tcp  open   nfsd-status1111/tcp  open   lmsocialserver1112/tcp  open   msql1113/tcp  open   ltp-deepspace1114/tcp  open   mini-sql1117/tcp  open   ardus-mtrns1119/tcp  open   bnetgame1121/tcp  open   rmpp1122/tcp  open   availant-mgr1123/tcp  open   murray1124/tcp  open   hpvmmcontrol1126/tcp  open   hpvmmdata1130/tcp  open   casp1131/tcp  open   caspssl1132/tcp  open   kvm-via-ip1137/tcp  open   trim1138/tcp  open   encrypted_admin1141/tcp  open   mxomss1145/tcp  open   x9-icue1147/tcp  open   capioverlan1148/tcp  open   elfiq-repl1149/tcp  open   bvtsonar1151/tcp  open   unizensus1152/tcp  open   winpoplanmess1154/tcp  open   resacommunity1163/tcp  open   sddp1164/tcp  open   qsm-proxy1165/tcp  open   qsm-gui1166/tcp  open   qsm-remote1169/tcp  open   tripwire1174/tcp  open   fnet-remote-ui1175/tcp  open   dossier1183/tcp  open   llsurfup-http1185/tcp  open   catchpole1186/tcp  open   mysql-cluster1187/tcp  open   alias1192/tcp  open   caids-sensor1198/tcp  open   cajo-discovery1199/tcp  open   dmidi1201/tcp  open   nucleus-sand1213/tcp  open   mpc-lifenet1216/tcp  open   etebac51217/tcp  open   hpss-ndapi1218/tcp  open   aeroflight-ads1233/tcp  open   univ-appserver1234/tcp  open   hotline1236/tcp  open   bvcontrol1244/tcp  open   isbconference11247/tcp  open   visionpyramid1248/tcp  open   hermes1259/tcp  open   opennl-voice1271/tcp  open   excw1272/tcp  open   cspmlockmgr1277/tcp  open   miva-mqs1287/tcp  open   routematch1296/tcp  open   dproxy1300/tcp  open   h323hostcallsc1301/tcp  open   ci3-software-11309/tcp  open   jtag-server1310/tcp  open   husky1311/tcp  open   rxmon1322/tcp  open   novation1328/tcp  open   ewall1334/tcp  open   writesrv1352/tcp  open   lotusnotes1417/tcp  open   timbuktu-srv11433/tcp  open   ms-sql-s1434/tcp  open   ms-sql-m1443/tcp  open   ies-lm1455/tcp  open   esl-lm1461/tcp  open   ibm_wrless_lan1494/tcp  open   citrix-ica1500/tcp  open   vlsi-lm1501/tcp  open   sas-31503/tcp  open   imtc-mcs1521/tcp  open   oracle1524/tcp  open   ingreslock1533/tcp  open   virtual-places1556/tcp  open   veritas_pbx1580/tcp  open   tn-tl-r11583/tcp  open   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open   dc2002/tcp  open   globe2003/tcp  open   finger2004/tcp  open   mailbox2005/tcp  open   deslogin2006/tcp  open   invokator2007/tcp  open   dectalk2008/tcp  open   conf2009/tcp  open   news2010/tcp  open   search2013/tcp  open   raid-am2020/tcp  open   xinupageserver2021/tcp  open   servexec2022/tcp  open   down2030/tcp  open   device22033/tcp  open   glogger2034/tcp  open   scoremgr2035/tcp  open   imsldoc2038/tcp  open   objectmanager2040/tcp  open   lam2041/tcp  open   interbase2042/tcp  open   isis2043/tcp  open   isis-bcast2045/tcp  open   cdfunc2046/tcp  open   sdfunc2047/tcp  open   dls2048/tcp  open   dls-monitor2049/tcp  open   nfs2065/tcp  open   dlsrpn2068/tcp  open   advocentkvm2099/tcp  open   h2250-annex-g2100/tcp  open   amiganetfs2103/tcp  open   zephyr-clt2105/tcp  open   eklogin2106/tcp  open   ekshell2107/tcp  open   msmq-mgmt2111/tcp  open   kx2119/tcp  open   gsigatekeeper2121/tcp  open   ccproxy-ftp2126/tcp  open   pktcable-cops2135/tcp  open   gris2144/tcp  open   lv-ffx2160/tcp  open   apc-21602161/tcp  open   apc-agent2170/tcp  open   eyetv2179/tcp  open   vmrdp2190/tcp  open   tivoconnect2191/tcp  open   tvbus2196/tcp  open   unknown2200/tcp  open   ici2222/tcp  open   EtherNet/IP-12251/tcp  open   dif-port2260/tcp  open   apc-22602288/tcp  open   netml2301/tcp  open   compaqdiag2323/tcp  open   3d-nfsd2366/tcp  open   qip-login2381/tcp  open   compaq-https2382/tcp  open   ms-olap32383/tcp  open   ms-olap42393/tcp  open   ms-olap12394/tcp  open   ms-olap22399/tcp  open   fmpro-fdal2401/tcp  open   cvspserver2492/tcp  open   groove2500/tcp  open   rtsserv2522/tcp  open   windb2525/tcp  open   ms-v-worlds2557/tcp  open   nicetec-mgmt2601/tcp  open   zebra2602/tcp  open   ripd2604/tcp  open   ospfd2605/tcp  open   bgpd2607/tcp  open   connection2608/tcp  open   wag-service2638/tcp  open   sybase2701/tcp  open   sms-rcinfo2702/tcp  open   sms-xfer2710/tcp  open   sso-service2717/tcp  open   pn-requester2718/tcp  open   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open   mysql3322/tcp  open   active-net3323/tcp  open   active-net3324/tcp  open   active-net3325/tcp  open   active-net3333/tcp  open   dec-notes3351/tcp  open   btrieve3367/tcp  open   satvid-datalnk3369/tcp  open   satvid-datalnk3370/tcp  open   satvid-datalnk3371/tcp  open   satvid-datalnk3372/tcp  open   msdtc3389/tcp  open   ms-wbt-server3390/tcp  open   dsc3404/tcp  open   unknown3476/tcp  open   nppmp3493/tcp  open   nut3517/tcp  open   802-11-iapp3527/tcp  open   beserver-msg-q3546/tcp  open   unknown3551/tcp  open   apcupsd3580/tcp  open   nati-svrloc3659/tcp  open   apple-sasl3689/tcp  open   rendezvous3690/tcp  open   svn3703/tcp  open   adobeserver-33737/tcp  open   xpanel3766/tcp  open   unknown3784/tcp  open   bfd-control3800/tcp  open   pwgpsi3801/tcp  open   ibm-mgr3809/tcp  open   apocd3814/tcp  open   neto-dcs3826/tcp  open   wormux3827/tcp  open   netmpi3828/tcp  open   neteh3851/tcp  open   spectraport3869/tcp  open   ovsam-mgmt3871/tcp  open   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open   radmin4900/tcp  open   hfcs4998/tcp  open   maybe-veritas5000/tcp  open   upnp5001/tcp  open   commplex-link5002/tcp  open   rfe5003/tcp  open   filemaker5004/tcp  open   avt-profile-15009/tcp  open   airport-admin5030/tcp  open   surfpass5033/tcp  open   unknown5050/tcp  open   mmcc5051/tcp  open   ida-agent5054/tcp  open   rlm-admin5060/tcp  open   sip5061/tcp  open   sip-tls5080/tcp  open   onscreen5087/tcp  open   unknown5100/tcp  open   admd5101/tcp  open   admdog5102/tcp  open   admeng5120/tcp  open   unknown5190/tcp  open   aol5200/tcp  open   targus-getdata5214/tcp  open   unknown5221/tcp  open   3exmp5222/tcp  open   xmpp-client5225/tcp  open   hp-server5226/tcp  open   hp-status5269/tcp  open   xmpp-server5280/tcp  open   xmpp-bosh5298/tcp  open   presence5357/tcp  open   wsdapi5405/tcp  open   pcduo5414/tcp  open   statusd5431/tcp  open   park-agent5432/tcp  open   postgresql5440/tcp  open   unknown5500/tcp  open   hotline5510/tcp  open   secureidprop5544/tcp  open   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open   indy5987/tcp  open   wbem-rmi5988/tcp  open   wbem-http5989/tcp  open   wbem-https5998/tcp  open   ncd-diag5999/tcp  open   ncd-conf6000/tcp  open   X116001/tcp  open   X11:16002/tcp  open   X11:26003/tcp  open   X11:36004/tcp  open   X11:46005/tcp  open   X11:56006/tcp  open   X11:66007/tcp  open   X11:76009/tcp  open   X11:96025/tcp  open   x116059/tcp  open   X11:596100/tcp  open   synchronet-db6101/tcp  open   backupexec6106/tcp  open   isdninfo6112/tcp  open   dtspc6123/tcp  open   backup-express6129/tcp  open   unknown6156/tcp  open   unknown6346/tcp  open   gnutella6389/tcp  open   clariion-evr016502/tcp  open   netop-rc6510/tcp  open   mcer-port6543/tcp  open   mythtv6547/tcp  open   powerchuteplus6565/tcp  open   unknown6566/tcp  open   sane-port6567/tcp  open   esp6580/tcp  open   parsec-master6646/tcp  open   unknown6666/tcp  open   irc6667/tcp  open   irc6668/tcp  open   irc6669/tcp  open   irc6689/tcp  open   tsa6692/tcp  open   unknown6699/tcp  open   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unknown64623/tcp open   unknown64680/tcp open   unknown65000/tcp open   unknown65129/tcp open   unknown65389/tcp open   unknown



Где я что-то упустил?? Схерали у него столько открытых портов в мир?

Edited by FATHER_FBI

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Вы как сканировали? Это обычно на Windows системах такой результат nmap выдает, не может там быть конечно столько открытых.

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