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microtik bgp

встала задача заменит quagga на microtik после настройки mikrotk с одним из провайдеров сесия не поднимается

/routing bgp peer

 0   name="1" instance=default remote-address= 
    remote-as=196x tcp-md5-key="" nexthop-choice=default multihop=yes 
    route-reflect=no hold-time=3m ttl=255 in-filter=map-AS19x-in 
    out-filter=map-AS19x-out address-families=ip 
    update-source=178.217.x.x default-originate=never 
    remove-private-as=no as-override=no passive=no use-bfd=no 

в логах при этом

05:21:19 route,bgp,debug Update source 
route,bgp,debug     Address= 
route,bgp,debug     Connecting 
route,bgp,debug     RemoteAddress= 
route,bgp,info      Failed to open TCP connection: Network is unreachable 
route,bgp,info     RemoteAddress= 
route,bgp,debug,packet UPDATE Message 

в quagga бвло настроена так

 neighbor remote-as 19x
neighbor ebgp-multihop 3
neighbor update-source 178.217.x.x
neighbor weight 3000
neighbor soft-reconfiguration inbound
neighbor route-map map-AS19x-in in
neighbor route-map map-AS19x-out out

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