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iXLink now available for smaller carriers iXLink now available for smaller carriers

x164 has become an official partner and reseller of iXLink. The agreement allows offering single links and smaller packages of carrier links at low subscription costs. The starting price is only 90 EUR a month per link. Previously the minimum package was 20 carrier links for 1350 EUR.


iXLink provides a cost-effective solution for the exchange of rate updates between carriers. iXLink service checks incoming rate offers and converts them between different data formats. Wrong offers are automatically pushed back to the sending carrier.


Currently more than 3000 carriers are using iXLink worldwide, including Deutsche Telekom, Verizon Business, TeliaSonera International Carrier, Telus, ATT and Telecom Italia. Connect and find new partners for your business among the global Telecom leaders. iXLink is a service provided by Telarix.


Automation of the rate exchange between carriers reduces manual work, eliminates mistakes in rate offers and avoids losses when receiving wrong or fraudulent rate offers.


x164 is a service of Rigatta IT. x164 is hosted routing platform. IXLink plugs seamlessly into the x164 platform, allowing for straight-through-processing of rate offers into the call routing engine - without any human intervention. Rate offers are automatically checked and if correct uploaded into the platform.


For more information please visit http://www.x164.com or email sales@x164.com

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