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Продам спутниковый приемник Ipricot S1110FR

Продам спутниковый FrameRelay приемник-маршрутизатор Ipricot IPr-S1110 FR, в отличном состоянии, недорого

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IPr-S1110 FR

DVB-S/DSNG Router using low overhead Frame Relay over DVB

IPricot is launching the IPr-S1110 FR, its brand new Frame Relay integrated satellite router receiver designed to receive the outbound carrier at the distant site at a very competitive price. The IPr-S1110 FR main functions are:


Receiving any QPSK-8PSK-16QAM, 2-45Msymb/s carrier


De-encapsulating the Frame-Relay data based on the customer DLCI channel allocation

Forwarding the extracted data directly on the customer LAN through its 10/100BaseT Ethernet/Fast Ethernet port.

This new Frame Relay solution is offering a number of key advantages to the Operator and its customers :



It takes the best of the 2-Way DVB platforms for Point to Multi-point platform enabling Assymetric IP services tailored to customer need

The operator does not have to invest in an expensive redundant IP/DVB Gateway to offer carrier class IP backbone services (potentially the operator only needs to add some new interfaces to its existing teleport router infrastructure)

It minimizes protocol overhead, increasing the bandwidth efficiency and therefore reducing the overall satellite cost (especially for small VOIP packects).



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