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DHCP Server на Orion Alpha A10E

Добрый день!

Проблема с настройкой DHCP сервера на коммутаторе.
Клиентам, подключенным к интерфейсам коммутатора не выдаются ip адреса из пула.

Alpha-A10E#sh ver

Network Operating System
Copyright (c) 2006-2015 Orion Networks International, Inc.

Product name: Alpha-A10E
NOS Version: NOS_4.15.1359_20171213(Compiled Dec 13 2017, 12:10:23)
Bootstrap Version: Bootstrap_3.1.7.Alpha-A10E.0.20160922

Alpha-A10E#sh run

System current configuration:
!NOS  Version NOS_4.15.1359_20171213
!command in view_mode
!command in config_mode first-step
create vlan 134,250 active
!command in aclmap_mode
!command in ipv6 aclmap_mode
!command in enable_mode
!command in region_mode
!command in ip igmp profile mode
!command in service_mode
!command in port_mode
interface port 2
switchport access vlan 134
flowcontrol on
interface port 9
switchport mode trunk
interface port 10
switchport mode trunk
!command in vlan configuration mode
!command in ip interface mode
interface ip 0
ip address 250
interface ip 1
ip address 134
!command in cmap_mode
!command in pmap_mode
!command in aclgroup_mode
!command in config_mode
ip default-gateway
ip dhcp server ip-pool net134 ip 1 gateway dns
ip http server enable

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