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  1. Если кому не сложно, помогите с двумя последними:) Спасибо! Suppose you are the administrator of a slow wide area network. As your network is very slow, it is absolutely essential that WAN traffic be reduced to the minimum amount necessary. Because of this, you have already decided not to store Active Directory integrated zones and secondary zones. You need some kind of local DNS but you also need reduced network traffic. What is probably your best remaining option? Describe this option and how it is set up on the network. и Your administrative user account is a member of the Enterprise Admins and Schema Admins groups in your company's Active Directory forest. The forest consists of a single domain named bcdtrain.com that is running in Windows 2000 native mode. Your company recently acquired a new subsidiary. To support this subsidiary, you plan to create a new domain tree in the forest that will contain a tree root domain named meddev. com and a child domain named research.meddev.com. The Domain Name System (DNS) server service is installed on two of the domain controllers for bcdtrain.com. The DNS zone for bcdtrain.com is configured as an Active Directory-integrated zone. You create a new zone named meddev.com on one of these DNS servers, and you accept the default settings for the zone. The domain controllers for the new domains will be computers that are running Windows Server 2003. You run the Adprep utility with the forestprep option from the Windows Server 2003 installation CD-ROM to update the forest's schema to support the new domains. What additional step must you perform to ensure that you can create the child domain in the new domain tree?
  2. вот нашел http://c.root-servers.org/october21.txt тут интереснее расписано.. а по второму вопросу подскажете?
  3. Это в универе чего-то обкурились, а мне приходится отвечать на такие вопросы.. т.е. это реальный случай был с атакой ДНС?
  4. При необходимости переведу:) Спасибо! There are 13 root servers that control the overall DNS lookup process for the entire Internet. If these 13 servers were to become unavailable, much of the Internet would be inaccessible. Resources would have to be accessed via IP address, not by host name. However, hackers once managed to attack 11 of the 13 root servers, resulting in degraded performance. Surprisingly, Internet users did not notice any difference. Can you explain in details why? и Suppose your network utilises a WINS server. Also, assume you are the network administrator and were called in to troubleshoot a problem in which the WINS server itself could not be accessed using NetBIOS name resolution. Assume all other machines are working and communicating properly with the WINS server in order to resolve NetBIOS names. Describe what you view to be the most likely cause of this network’s problem.