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  1. Hello Guys. My Post and Account has been banned from UBNT Forum with less than 16 minutes because this script. So enjoy this Compliance Test Scanner Script. http://pastebin.com/YVnafP48 Tested and confirmed working on NanoBeam M5 Firmware version XW.v5.5.6, XW.v5.5.8, XW.v5.5.9 and XW.v5.5.10. Step 1 Get here: http://pastebin.com/YVnafP48 Host on your web server. SSH to NanoBeam, and: XW.v5.5.9# wget http://yourWebHostIP/CTscan XW.v5.5.9# chmod 755 CTscan XW.v5.5.9# cat rc.poststart #!/bin/sh # Compliance Test Enable echo '<option value="511">Compliance Test</option>' >/etc/ccodes.inc # CTscan Start /bin/sh /etc/persistent/CTscan auto XW.v5.5.9# save && reboot or XW.v5.5.9# cfgmtd -w -p /etc/ && reboot or Step 2: SSH to NanoBeam, and: XW.v5.5.9# wget -qO CTscan "http://pastebin.com/download.php?i=YVnafP48" && chmod +x CTscan && ./CTscan enableCT && ./CTscan install && save && reboot Share your CTscan experience here. Enjoy!