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  1. Новая прошивка 5.5.8

    Last post for today :) Only thing that I like with 5.6beta4 (except adding ipv6) is that some countrys has more channels than in earlier versions. I checked every country, and so far, best option is to use New Zealand (100 channels). Why do I need CT? Well, if I want to move to certain frequencies, I dont need to worry which country is selected on UBNT device, eg. I want to move bellow 5180 or above 5900. And all our devices on network are CT based. We tried to contact UBNT, with no luck. Even our distributor of UBNT devices was in contact with them, but they want official mail from our regulatory domain for unlocking all freqs :) Maybe next choice will be buying SXT's from Mikrotik. Thanks for your help ;)
  2. Новая прошивка 5.5.8

    ChargeSet - yes, AirGrid with XW, and all new shipments are with XW, so we are in big trouble. We cant replace old or dead devices to our customers, because they wont connect to Mikrotik AP's. Unfortunately, I was unable to do anything with 5.5.10RC2 and 5.6beta4 using compliance test as country (with or without scan list).
  3. Новая прошивка 5.5.8

    We tried with Mikrotik versions from 5.20 to 6.18, and nothing. No matter what is in country or frequency mode field on Mikrotik, AirGrid XW 5.5.9 with CTest as country wont connect. I tried what you suggested, putting superchan and US as country, but nothing, and yet, when I scan from AG, I see my AP. Also tried putting LOCK TO AP MAC - no luck at all. And, look at this: AP - AirGrid XM 5.5.6 AirMax is disabled. Station - AirGrid XW 5.5.9 crcfixed As you can see, I see it in site survey: And I cant connect to it, but, if I fix scan list to channel 5300, it connects: But this thing with scan list works only with UBNT devices, does not work with Mikrotik :( Regards from Serbia!
  4. Новая прошивка 5.5.8

    Channel width on AG: 20MHz From Main tab on AG: This is only one picture, next channel will be on 40MHz upper, than 20MHz, and so on. On Mikrotik, I changed Wireless Protocol to 802.11, as you mentioned. Nothing. Also tried with Wireless Protocol: unspecified and any. EDIT: Pic shows AP searching process, and I dont know why it searches on 40MHz, when it should be only on 20MHz. It's not connected state. I get connected state only when I choose one of countrys from menu, let say Australia, because it has most channels comparing with other countrys. And for addition, XM 5.5.8 ctest is working on compliance test with Mikrotik AP. EDIT2: @dimonix: AirMax priority: none
  5. Новая прошивка 5.5.8

    ChargeSet - thanks for answer. Here are some pictures: 1. Wireless Tab in Mikrotik 2. Wireless Tab in AirGrid with XW 5.5.9 (crcfixed): As you can see, CT is selected, and with or without fixing scan list to 5180, I'm unable to connect to SSID: test-ap. Also, I selected 20MHz channel, and when AG is without scan list, it searches also on 20MHz, 40MHz upper and lower, I think this is wrong. 3. Wireless Tab in AirGrid with XW 5.5.9 (crcfixed) with selected country: When country is selceted, I'm able to connect to Mikrotik AP.
  6. Новая прошивка 5.5.8

    Hello, I applied XW 5.5.9 with CT, but AirGrid cant connect to Mikrotik AP. When I change CT with some country, let say, Australia, and set channel from Australian list to Mikrotik AP, everything is OK. I would say that CT mode does not work in 802.11a mode. Am I wrong? Regards from Serbia. Здравствуйте, Я применил XW 5.5.9 с CT, но AirGrid не могу подключиться к Mikrotik AP. Когда я изменить CT с некоторой стране, скажем, в Австралии, и установить канал от австралийского списка Mikrotik AP, все в порядке. Я бы сказал, что режим CT не работает в режиме 802.11a. Я ошибаюсь? Привет от Сербии.