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Unauthorized Distribution of the Copyrighted Motion Picture Entitled "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" - Case ID 156500792 Интересное письмо пришло

Всем привет. Кто нить получал такие письма? :)


Hash: SHA1




________ Ltd.





RE: Unauthorized Distribution of the Copyrighted Motion Picture Entitled "The Amazing Spider-Man 2".


Dear dav@host.ru:


We are writing this letter on behalf of Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. ("Rights Holder") who own certain rights under copyright law in the title The Amazing Spider-Man 2.


You are receiving this notice because your Internet account was identified as having been used recently to copy and/or distribute illegally the copyrighted motion pictures and/or television shows listed at the bottom of this notice. This notice provides you with the information you need in order to take immediate action that can prevent serious legal and other consequences. These actions include:


1. Stop downloading or uploading without authorization any motion pictures or TV shows owned or distributed by Rights Holder; and


2. Permanently delete from your computer(s) all unauthorized copies you may have already made of these movies and TV shows.


If this notice is being received by an Internet Service Provider (ISP), please forward the notice to the individual associated with the activities.


The unauthorized distribution or public performance of copyrighted works constitutes copyright infringement under the Copyright Act, Title 17 U.S Code Section 106(3)-(4). This conduct may also violate the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works and The Universal Copyright Convention, as well as bilateral treaties with other countries that allow for protection of Rights Holder copyrighted works even beyond U.S borders.


Below is the detail for your reference:



- ------------- Infringement Details ----------------------------------

Title: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Timestamp: 2014-06-17T03:17:32Z

IP Address: 91.xx.xx.3

Port: 54321

Type: BitTorrent

Torrent Hash: 40f0daae141647b107487d08d32d7bf6008171c1

Filename: The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Rise of Electro.2014.D.TS.2100Mb.avi

Filesize: 2098 MB

- ---------------------------------------------------------------------




Copyright infringement also violates your ISP`s terms of service and could lead to limitation or suspension of your Internet service. You should take immediate action to prevent your Internet account from being used for illegal activities.


An MPAA website, www.respectcopyrights.org, offers step-by-step instructions to ensure that your Internet account is not being used to violate the copyright laws. Also, the site can point you to an array of legal choices for enjoying movies and TV shows online. Please contact us at the above listed address or by replying to this email should you have any questions.


We are providing this notice based on our good faith belief that the use of motion pictures and television programs owned by Rights Holder in the manner complained of is not authorized by the copyright owners, their agents, or the law. The information in this notification is accurate. Under penalty of perjury, we are authorized to act on behalf of the owners of the exclusive rights that are being infringed. This letter is without prejudice to the rights and remedies of Rights Holder, all of which are expressly reserved.






Authorized Online Anti-movie Piracy Partners for Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.


Michael Lambert

Enforcement Officer


Email: copyright@ip-echelon.com

Address: 6715 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, 90028, United States




Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.,


Your prompt response is this matter is highly appreciated.




<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<Infringement xsi:schemaLocation="http://www.acns.net/v1.2/ACNS2v1_2.xsd" xmlns="http://www.acns.net/ACNS" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance">







<Entity>Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.</Entity>

<Contact>IP-Echelon - Compliance</Contact>

<Address>6715 Hollywood Blvd

Los Angeles CA 90028

United States of America</Address>

<Phone>+1 (310) 606 2747</Phone>




<Entity>xxx xxxxx Ltd.</Entity>











<Subtype Basetype="P2P" Protocol="BITTORRENT"/>







<Title>The Amazing Spider-Man 2</Title>

<FileName>The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Rise of Electro.2014.D.TS.2100Mb.avi</FileName>







<Type Retraction="false"/>





Version: GnuPG










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Да постоянно валится. Удаляю нафиг.

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В последнее время активизировались, просто десятки сообщений каждый день, как бороться то с ними? Единственно что придумал, они в письме указывают порт, IP юзера, и время, разве что по этим данным вытаскивать удаленную сторону и блочить, но блин это это же данные иметь надо. Может какие другие мысли будут?

Edited by Tracert

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