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summit extreme и BigIron RX4 поменяю на cisco 6500 модули или продам

Extreme Summit X450e-24p Model: 16142 2шт (PoE)

Extreme Summit 400-48t Model: 16101 L3

Extreme Summit X450-24t Model: 16123

Extreme Summit X450-24x Model: 16121

Extreme Summit X450a-24p Model: 16155

Extreme Summit XGM-2xn 2-port 10GBASE-X XENPAK Card +2х10GBaseLR 600

предлагайте цену

post-70408-047065700 1397088264_thumb.jpg

BigIron RX4 с набивкой = 200тр

post-70408-048124900 1397088678_thumb.jpg

marble @ inbox.ru

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