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первая в мире фемто станция ЛТЕ установлена на станции метро Новости технологии ЛТЕ

6. Commercial deployment – innovation in commercial deployment (operator)SK Telecom, Contela & MindspeedThe world's first data-only femto service


Femtocells are used to enhance voice service for poor coverage areas. However, nowadays a number of 3G operators are moving into public-access femtocell markets beyond the residential areas.


SK Telecom, a world leading 3G network operator deployed the world's first data-only 3G Femtocell service. The main purpose of public-access femtocell is to offload explosively increasing mobile data traffic which was caused by rapid growth of smartphones/tablet PCs.


Manufactured by Contela and powered by Mindspeed's small cell technology the Data Femtocell is optimized to offload data traffic and solve congestion issues. It does not handle voice traffic, which is instead directed to the existing macro network. SKT chose this solution to suit the particular market conditions in Korea, as existing voice coverage is excellent, both indoors and out. However the number of smartphone users in the country has leapt from less than a million at the start of 2010 to more than 10 million. The consequent growth in data traffic has pushed the network to its limits, necessitating the rapid implementation of a data offload strategy.


The following are key findings of our innovative solution for public-access femtocell service.


Data only service implementation without voice quality degradation

Even though femtocell can support high data throughput, voice service is vulnerable to public access femtocell because of its limited RF coverage. So we made a scenario of forced hand-over which ensures all the voice call setup to be redirected to more stable macro zone. We also developed several very sophisticated hand-over algorithms to get a best quality of service in various RF environments.

Our solution includes interference mitigation method through Macro to Macro Inter-FA Handover instead of Hand-In (Macro to Femto) and Inter FA Hand-Out(Femto to Macro)

In-building Solution : One of the most difficult hurdles to deploy femtocell in public place is to make an optimized RF zone which requires expensive costs like as on-site RF measuring and TX power control for each site. In some sites, we solved this problem by using ready-made environment. It is integrating femtocell with legacy in-building DAS(Distributed Antenna System) which means femtocell insures safety of RF environment without further field engineering

CS Fall Back(CSFB) Feature for LTE service users

SK Telecom launched LTE service July last year and is getting subscribers rapidly. 3G and LTE concurrent service environment required a feature upgrade for dual mode UEs to get a LTE data service even though located in femto zone. SK Telecom, Contela and MSPD make an effort to prepare a scenario which should be developed before the number of LTE subscribers is insignificant. SK Telecom, Contela and MSPD aggressively realized the world's first CS Fall Back in Femtozone. Therefore, LTE users also can enjoy the voice service freely in Femtozone.


We suggest global operators experiencing data overload issues see how the SK Telecom deploys the femtocell solution. Thereafter, they experience the effects of its data offload with avoiding interferences and reduce the trial & errors in the process of public-access femto deployments.

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Текст извините переводить некогда.

Суть вкратце - девайс размером с 2 мыльницы. Установлен в районе Бунданг(пригород Сеула, Южная Корея) на станции метро Сейхон или как-то так оно звучит.

Поддерживает MIMO FDD 10+10MHz. Первый в мире коммерчески-размещенный фемто БС ЛТЕ. Поддерживает только данные и только ЛТЕ.

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