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mpd5.5 и l2tp


create bundle template A

set iface enable proxy-arp

set iface idle 1800

set iface enable tcpmssfix

set ipcp yes vjcomp

set ipcp dns xx.xx.xx.xx

set bundle enable compression

set ccp yes mppc

set mppc yes e40

set mppc yes e128

set mppc yes stateless

create link template N l2tp

set link action bundle A

set link enable multilink

set l2tp enable incoming

set link yes acfcomp protocomp

set link no pap chap

set link enable chap

set link keep-alive 10 60

set link mtu 1460

set link mru 1460

# set link mtu 1500

# set link mru 1500

set l2tp disable windowing

set l2tp enable always-ack

set link enable incoming

set link enable peer-as-calling

set radius retries 3

set radius timeout 3

set radius me

set radius server 1812 1813

set radius config /etc/radius.conf

set radius enable message-authentic

set auth acct-update 300


# set auth disable internal

set auth max-logins 1

set auth enable radius-auth


не могу понять почему в windows xp тупо виснет соединение при нагрзуке

на dlink 655 идут потери

а в windows 7 все ок

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