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100 Gigabit Ethernet standard ratified

100 Gigabit Ethernet standard ratified

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By Rik Myslewski in San Francisco • Get more from this author


Posted in Networks, 22nd June 2010 06:02 GMT


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It's official: the IEEE 802.3ba 40Gb/s and 100Gb/s Ethernet standard has been ratified by — who else? — the IEEE P802.3ba 40Gb/s and 100Gb/s Ethernet Task Force.


"Ubiquitous adoption of bandwidth-intensive technologies and applications, such as converged network services, video-on-demand, and social networking, is producing rapidly increasing demand for higher-rate throughput," the Task Force's chair, John D'Ambrosia, said in a prepared understatement.


Non-standard 100Gb/s setups have already appeared in the field — for example, the Dutch education networkers at SURFnet announced Monday that they had achieved 100Gb/s speeds on T Series Core Routers from Juniper Networks. GlobalQuotes notes that Cisco, Brocade, and Extreme Networks have also developed 100Gb/s Ethernet routers, cards, and switches.


But as was true after the long and painful 802.11n wireless networking standards process, developers of current 100Gb/s hardware shouldn't have a difficult time making the necessary tweaks — if any — to be fully 802.3ba-compliant.


Speaking of his company's product, for example, Juniper exec Luc Ceuppens told Techworld: "It is based on the standard as it was [in late 2009]. Changes made this year did not materially impact the product. I don't think we need to [modify] it."


One beneficiary of the standardization of 802.3ba will be 10Gb/s Ethernet. As 802.3ba interconnects find their way into data centers, those relatvely "slow" 10Gb/s Ethernet streams will find plenty of bandwidth for aggregation.


Everybody wins, according to David Law, chair of the IEEE 802.3 working group: "This is truly a forward-looking standard that will spur innovation at every point along the Ethernet value chain, as well as providing the essential architecture needed to facilitate greater broadband connectivity on a global scale,” he said.


Information on the 802.3ba standard can be found here. CDs with the standard will be available for purchase from the IEEE on Tuesday, and a PDF next Tuesday. ®



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Неделю назад циска сказала, что трансивер на 100ж стоит 170к



Хотя обещали "подешеветь" их...

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Это фальстарт.

Пока стандарт лишь одобрен IEEE SASB.

Вот письмо Джона членам рабочей группы


from    John D'Ambrosia <jdambrosia@force10labs.com>
reply-to    John D'Ambrosia <jdambrosia@force10labs.com>
to    STDS-802-3-HSSG@listserv.ieee.org
date    Fri, Jun 18, 2010 at 3:44 AM
subject    [802.3BA] IEEE Std. 802.3ba-2010 Is Approved!
mailed-by    listserv.ieee.org

Dear Task Force Participants,

This morning the IEEE SASB approved IEEE P802.3ba.

I would like to extend my gratitude to all who participated in this effort.  It was truly a team effort by the members of our industry.  I would also like to thank Ilango, Mark, Pete, Chris, and the rest of the editorial team for all of their hard word.  Finally, I would like to thank Mr. Grow, Mr. Law, Mr. Diab, and Mr. Carlson, for all of their help during the course of this project.

John D’Ambrosia

Chair, IEEE P802.3ba Task Force


Но, фокус в том, стандарт должен ещё быть утвержден на пленарной сессии всего IEEE 802.

И кстати бывали случаи, когда одобренный SASB стандарт на сессии не утверждался. :)

Это происходит потому, что на сессии будет утверждаться не только 40GE и 100GE, а будет утверждаться новая редакция стандартов всего семества Ethernet, которая придет на смену редакции от 2008 года.

Это легко проверить http://standards.ieee.org/getieee802/802.3.html

Редакция 2010 пока доступна только членам IEEE.

Подробнее про IEEE SASB можно почитать http://standards.ieee.org/board/stdsbd/welcome.html

Пленарная сессия IEEE будет проходить at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego, California during the week of July 11-16, 2010.

Так что ждем...

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