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Huawei S2350-28TP-EI-AC прошивка


Приобрел коммутатор Huawei S2350-28TC-EI-AC, при загрузке пишет следующее:

BIOS loading ...
Start memory test ? ('Ctrl+T' is test): ... 0
Copyright (c) 2011-2015 HUAWEI TECH CO., LTD.
Basic BootROM version : 0209.0001 Compiled at Jun 23 2016, 14:11:38
Current flash file system : DosFs
flash:/  - Volume is OK

Press Ctrl+B or Ctrl+E to enter BootROM menu ... 0
Auto-booting ...
Loading "flash:/s2350ei-v200r009c00spc500.cc" ...
Can not open flash file: flash:/s2350ei-v200r009c00spc500.cc

Auto-booting with the last startup file ...
The last startup file is the same as the current startup file

Seeking a VRP software in flash file system ...
There is not other valid startup file in flash file system
Can not find a valid package

Auto-booting failed
Reboot ...

Посмотрел содержимое flash, тусто, видимо перед продажей все удалили


    1. Erase Flash
    2. Format flash
    3. Delete file from Flash
    4. Rename file from Flash
    5. Display Flash files
    6. Update EPLD file
    7. Return to main menu

Enter your choice(1-7): 5

0 files found.
204556 KB total (204548 KB free)

Зарегистрировался на сайте Huawei, добавил свой коммутатор с серийником, что бы получить доступ к прошивкам, но товарищи с Huawei уведомили меня письмом:

Product registration on the Huawei Enterprise Website is for customers who have purchased Huawei Enterprise products upgrade their account permission to download documentation and software version.
The S/N or Contract number you provided belongs to Carrier BG, so it cannot be registered on Enterprise website for privilege enhancement purpose.
Please visit Carrier Support website to get the resources you need, and you can contact supportmaster@huawei.com to ask for help about Carrier website.
Carrier Support website: https://support.huawei.com/carrier
Thank you and have a nice day!

Notes: This is system notification email, please do not reply directly.
If any assistance required, please contact the website administrator e.support@huawei.com .

Далее начал искать прошивку или сам файл "s2350ei-v200r009c00spc500.cc", но поиски не дали результата.

Единственное находил прошивку "S2300EI-V100R006C05", но ни "bootrom.bin" не хочет шиться


    1. Update BootROM system
    2. Download file to Flash through serial interface
    3. Modify serial interface parameter
    4. Return to main menu

Enter your choice(1-4): 1

Please select file.
XMODEM downloading ...C   download to SDRAM successfully

Decompressing bin file ..................
Too big uncompressed stream.failed

А после заливки самой прошивки "S2300EI-V100R006C05.cc" и перезагрузки, коммутатор все равно требует файл "s2350ei-v200r009c00spc500.cc".


Прошу помощи в поиске прошивки "s2350ei-v200r009c00spc500" или любой подходящей для этого коммутатора.


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