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Нетап больше не LIR?

Коллеги, сегодня получили письмо от RIPE:


Dear XXX
This is an email from the RIPE NCC, the Regional Internet Registry for Europe, Middle East and parts of Central Asia (ripe.net).
We are contacting you regarding Internet number resource(s) assigned to XXX:
We would like to inform you that your current sponsoring LIR, NetUP Ltd., is no longer a member of the RIPE NCC. Therefore, the sponsorship agreement that you have signed with this organisation has become invalid.
If you would like to continue using the above resources you will need to:
a) Sign an End User Assignment Agreement with a sponsoring LIR of your choice. You can find a list of Local Internet Registries here: http://www.ripe.net/membership/indices/
b) Become a RIPE NCC Member. You can find more information about becoming a RIPE NCC member here:


В самом Нетап сказали, что это какой-то технический сбой и скоро придет опровержение. Что делать?!


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