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Продам сервер HP integrity cx2620

продаются 2 сервера HP integrity cx2620 AB403A

если коротко: 2 процессора итаниум2 по 1.6Ггц, 32Гб оперативы, винтов в комплекте нету, есть карта PCI-X 10Gbase-SR и PCI-X dual port 1000base, 2 блока питания 48В.


Two 64-bit Itanium 2 CPUs: Either 1.6GHz/3MB single-core

32 GB PC2100 ECC Registered DDR266A SDRAM

Two hot swap power supplies, providing N+1 protection and dual feed input

Four full size PCI-X/PCI IO adapter cards: 1)PCI-X 10Gbase-SR, 2)PCI-X dual port 1000base

Three internal hot plug LVD SCSI disks

Standard System Features:

Support for multiple operating environments (HP-UX 11i version 2, Linux)

Dual-channel Ultra320 SCSI controller, 2 internal disks on one channel, 1 internal disk on a second channel

External Ultra320 SCSI port 10/100/1000Base-TX LAN (auto speed sensing, RJ-45 connector 10/100/1000Base-TX LAN (auto speed sensing, wake-on capability, RJ-45 connector

Management Processor for remote management and HA monitoring

Telnet and web console via 10/100Base-TX management LAN (RJ-45 connector)

Two general purpose RS-232 serial ports

Three RS-232 serial ports linked to the management processor (multiplexed from a single DB-25 port)

Factory integration of CPUs, memory, disk drives, removable media, PCI/PCI-X I/O cards

High Availability:

N+1 Hot swap, front to rear chassis cooling

Two Hot swap power supplies required, provides N+1 protection and dual feed capability IPMI monitoring of system health and reporting to host based HA or remote manageability

Management processor with down system diagnostics and remote power down and boot ECC protected DDR memory

Memory chip spare to overcome single DRAM chip failures

On-line memory page de-allocation

Dynamic Processor resilience and de-allocation

Hot Plug internal disks

Two independent Ultra SCSI channels to internal disks for mirroring across disks and channels Journal file system for HP-UX


Цена: 50т.р. за штуку, торг возможен, отправка через ТК из г.Ижевск

телефон: +7-912-Чбб-О8-Ч9


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город укажите в объявлении, не увидел

написал, г.Ижевск, в ближайшие города смогу сам привезти

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