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Консоль Planet GSW-2416SF v2 А она есть

Просто оставлю это тут.


Попался в ремонт Planet GSW-2416SF v2


Унутри у ей неонка консоль. Нет преобразователя уровня и, собственно, разъёма.


Скорость консоли 115200. На преобразоветеле уровня U1 (рядом с разъёмом питания) TX - 14 pin, RX - 19 pin.


В консоль при занрузки пишет:

Booting ...image 1                                                       		
S/W Version: v1.3b090619                                                 		



Пароль предсказуемо admin



Password: admin

Press ? or help to get help. The help depends on the context:
  - At top level, a list of command groups will be shown.
  - At group level, a list of the command syntaxes will be shown.
  - If given after a command, the syntax and a description of the
	command will be shown.
Commands at top level:
System  	- System commands
Console 	- Console commands
Debug   	- Debug commands
Commands at System level:
System Configuration [all]
System Restore Default [keepIP]
System Name [<name>]
System Reboot
System SNMP [enable|disable]
System Trap [<IP Address>]
System Readcommunity [<community string>]
System Writecommunity [<community string>]
System Trapcommunity [<community string>]
System Power Saving [full|up|down|disable]
System>conf all
System Configuration: 
Name: GSW-2416SF
S/W Version: v1.3b090619
H/W Version: 1.0

MAC address: 00-30-4f-57-7b-49
SNMP:  enabled
Trap IP:
Readcommunity: public
Trapcommunity: public
Console Configuration: 
Password: admin
Timeout: 300
Prompt: >
Commands at Console level:
Console Configuration
Console Password [<password>]
Console Timeout [<timeout>]
Console Prompt [<prompt string>]
Commands at Debug level:
Debug Read Register <block> <subblock> <address>
Debug Write Register <block> <subblock> <address> <value>
Debug PHY Read <portlist> [<address>]
Debug PHY Write <portlist> <address> <value>
Debug EEPROM Dump [<startaddr>] [<endaddr>]
Debug EEPROM Write <startaddr> <hex|text> <value to write>
Debug EEPROM Set <mac|vpid|hwver|factory|dateman|serial> <value to set>
Debug EEPROM Erase
Debug Memory Read <startaddr> <len>
Debug Loopback [int|ext]


Возможно, кому-то будет интересно.

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