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  1. reset dlink des-3026

    D-Link DES-3026 Complete Upgrade + Password Recovery Procedure (Firmware Recovery) (compatible with DES-3018 etc. DES-30xx)
  2. dlink des-3026 reset

    Resources, Manual for the latest firmware, etc: http://ftp.dlink.ru/pub/Switch/DES-3000%20Series/ D-Link DES-3026 Complete Upgrade + Password Recovery Procedure (Firmware Recovery) (compatible with DES-3018 etc. DES-30xx): 1. Connet with RS232 Cable ~ 9600-N-8-1-N (No Flow Control !) (If previus admin changed baud rate - find it by trial & error/bruteforce method) 2. (As read in DES-3000_HOWTO_upgrade_PROM_code.doc (Rus)) - reboot and quickly press Shift + 3 (# sign) 3. Change to 115200 baud rate to upload the latest firmware (I did this first for PROM and then for Firmware image: PROM - 30xx_prom_1.01.009.had and the actual Firmware - DES3000_V4.20.027.had) 4. Reboot the switch. After firmware image has loaded 100% quickly press Shift + 6 (^ sign) ( Password Recovery Procedure.pdf from .fr FTP server ) (available since v4.00.018/PROM 1.01.007 R4.20.B27 changelog) 5. Enter ? to see the reset-related commands. Do the thing you need - reset, etc.. 6. When the switch is upgraded and the accounts reset - the default login is D-Link/D-Link (as I found on the net and probably in the manual phenoelit-us.org/dpl/dpl.html default-password.info/d-link/) It took me half a day to find and read all the documents for this ... and the trial & error technique to actually find out the full procedure. I did everything with SecureCRT but it will work with HyperTerminal as well. Thanks to D-Link for maintaining their producst and FTP servers. Interesting hardware hack of another model: blog.springdaemons.com/2008/3/12/hacking-the-d-link-dgs-1248t-switch