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  1. Rtl8186 Firmware

    rmdir – удаляет директории. This one I found in the documentation I have, the old one. Now I do understand that thos are different. На данный момент последней версией прошивки является Wive-0.5.7 Релиз: 28 сентября 2006 Данный ридми обновляется. Текущая версия неполная. Версия 0.3.5 Where can I find BusyBox documentation? No need, I found it.
  2. Rtl8186 Firmware

    Hi, what command is for deleting the directory? rmdir does not exist :-( SickBoy
  3. Rtl8186 Firmware

    Ponial. Good link. I believe you had so many discussion about this. I do not want to argue, the reason I am here just, because you can buy devices already preloaded with Wive in normal shop here in Lithuania :-(. Sorry, I needed to ask this question before.
  4. Rtl8186 Firmware

    At the moment I do not have access to my device, therefore I can not check if mpsc service is available in Wive-NG? Maybe you know the good link where I can read about configuration of mpsc?
  5. Rtl8186 Firmware

    Done! I solved this leaving ESSID= blank and JOINBS="needed AP". This was covered in forum, but I found it using google search. Strange, but local search here in forum was not giving any results.
  6. Rtl8186 Firmware

    kak proverit jest li?
  7. Rtl8186 Firmware

    I see this one: udhcpc[184]: Sending discover... It means dhcp is not working?
  8. Rtl8186 Firmware

    Here is an update: I renewed my knowledge of vi editor. I succeeded to make my device to work as AP with WPA PSK I can not to make it work as a client to another AP. Here is the setings I change to work my device as a client: no changes in boot Interfaces: I have changed WLAN_USE_DHCP=yes; as my primary AP is distributing IP General: RMODE=CLIENT ESSID="SSID FROM Y PRIMARY AP" WPA: encryption = 2; I am using WPA PSK SSID= THE SAME AS PRIMARY unicastCipher = 1; TKIP usePassphrase = 1 psk = "xxxxxx" Changes were saved and router rebooted, but it does not connect to my pirmary AP afterwards. What esle should be changed? SB
  9. Rtl8186 Firmware

    ups, sorry. I just forgot about coomand line :-) in vi. Nu i dibil :-)
  10. Rtl8186 Firmware

    Hello, It is me again. What are the main priciples editing the config files aftrer executing command menu. How should I get back to the main menu after editing the file? SB
  11. Rtl8186 Firmware

    Done! Everything is working, at least I can see ping reply from the address Thanks a lot! Now I will start to work on a config, so more question will come :-). P.S. Still I can not understand how I send the wive.bin to the address which was not alive :-( SickBoy
  12. Rtl8186 Firmware

    Spasibo, I will work on that right now. Besides you can write in russian, I can read speak and understand, the only problem is to type. I am paren is Litvy :-) is Vilniusa. SickBoy
  13. Rtl8186 Firmware

    Spasibo for the fast answer, but wireless is not configured and power off does not help. Is it possible to connect through RS232? SickBoy
  14. Rtl8186 Firmware

    Hello, Looks like I am in big trouble. I have Longshine LCS-WA5-40 with Wive 0.5.7., by mistake I executed command "ifconfig eth0 down" :-(. Is there any chance to connect to my device? SickBoy